The Highlight Reel- The Spirit of Murder

In this 6th Sunday of Epiphany, Father Joshua preaches on Matthew 5:17-26, where Jesus enlightens us to the true nature of the Law. He reveals how damaging anger is in our lives and how we can experience anger without sinning.

Quotable Sayings:

Jesus came to change our understanding of sin.

It’s not just about what we do, but the spirit in our hearts.

God’s desire is not just for a change of action, but a change of heart

The first stage of anger is silent fury.

The second stage is insults or name calling.

The right way to deal with anger is to let it roll over you like a wave, and then wash away again and then allow Jesus to work reconciliation in you.

The Highlight Reel- The Spirit of Murder
The Highlight Reel

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