Sentinels: The Faithful Sentinel- Fourth Sunday of Advent

Father Joshua preaches on the final revelation of those waiting for the Messiah. Joseph was the faithful sentinel, who obeyed God. Through faith, he gave up his own life plans and livelihood and took his place in history. If Joseph had not given his yes to God, the life and work of Jesus would not have taken place the way that it did. Thank you Joseph the husband of Mary for giving God your yes.

Sermon Notes:

  • Joseph was the first and best Sentinel. Joseph had faith that God’s word was true and that it would be through this preborn child.
    • How can I have faith that God’s word is true
  • In the midst of doubt, rational thoughts, practicality, and even his rights, Joseph was a Sentinel. He saw the signs and chose to believe.
    • What signs can I see that God wants me to believe?
  • God loved us so much that He became one with us; he broke into our world to give us a choice where they never had been a choice before.
    • How will I let God change my world?

Sentinels: The Faithful Sentinel- Fourth Sunday of Advent

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